—— 环保为先  守护家园 ——


环 境 保 护

Reverence for the gifts of nature


Wood is a living material that needs our respect.木材是有生命的材料,它需要我们的尊重。

Wood is not an inanimate resource, it is alive and requires moisture, sunlight and nutrients in the soil to maintain growth and health. When we use wood, we should not only consider its appearance and function, but also pay attention to its growing environment and ecological balance. 

Wood-based panel production


Respect standards, set standards, guard standards 尊崇标准,制定标准,守护标准

We build internationally certified energy and environmental management systems based on ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and EMAS standards to continuously improve the environmental performance of our production processes.

Environmental protection

环保理念 公开倡导

Openly advocating the concept of environmental protection.公开倡导环保理念

Actively promote the concept of environmental protection, and promote social attention and concern for environmental protection. At the same time, we should also take practical actions, starting from our own, to reduce environmental pollution and damage. 

Sustainable forestry


Improving the ecological environment begins with ASPIRING 改善生态环境,从ASPIRING开始


Sustainable development of forestry is an important way to realize the construction of ecological civilization. It emphasizes the scientific and rational development and utilization on the basis of protecting the natural environment, and promotes the sustainable utilization and development of forestry resources. 

Maximize product 

产品再生 价值最大化

Enterprises achieve sustainable development and contribute to social progress. 企业实现可持续发展,为社会进步做出贡献。

By reusing and remanufacturing products, enterprises can reduce resource waste, reduce environmental pollution, and also improve the added value of products and the competitiveness of enterprises. 

Renewable energy


Actively explore renewable resources to contribute to sustainable development. 积极探索可再生资源,为可持续发展做贡献。

With the continuous consumption of natural resources and the increasingly serious environmental problems, the utilization of renewable resources has been paid more and more attention. Through scientific and rational development and utilization of renewable resources, we can achieve sustainable utilization.